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Our company

ICELAND GEOLOGY TOURS  is owned and operated by geologist Dr. Tamie J. Jovanelly, the author of  Iceland: Tectonics, Volcanics, and Glacial Features (Wiley, in press), and her husband Joe Cook.

Why plan a trip?

It was their love for the country that motivated her and her husband to build a trip that focused on the geological landscapes that are inescapable, breath taking, and even more fascinating when their origin is explained. When you choose ICELAND GEOLOGY TOURS we will take you to all the famous “selfie spots” that you’ve seen on Facebook, but unlike your friends who visited, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation of nature through the geologically-focused lectures and daily interpretation. Additionally, our tour offers many more active experiences than the big-box competition with visits to museums, geothermal power plants, lava caves, boat tours, glacial hikes, and geothermal spas, like the popular Blue Lagoon. Plus, as an added bonus, the charismatic company owners are a heck of a lot of fun!   “Active exploration with enthusiastic geologists” is our company mantra. Consider joining a trip as a solo-traveler, couple, family, or group and let’s learn some geology!


Who is the intended audience for a geology tour?


No doubt, Iceland is a country rooted in geologic wonder. As an example, this island that is about the size of Virginia currently has 32 active volcanoes, hosts the largest glacier in Europe, and is currently spreading apart at about 2 cm/year. Taking a guided tour of the country with a geologist will not only help you to capture the islands natural beauty, but increasingly enhance it through detailed descriptions linking the relationships between structure, process, and time to the island’s evolution. 

These tours are intended for people who are interested in learning about the formation of the many unique landscapes found on the island. Please note that a background in geology is not necessary to be a trip participant. Instead, prior to trip departure Dr. Jovanelly will provide you with introductory-level reading materials that will highlight relevant geological concepts (e.g. plate tectonics, rock cycle, glacial dynamics, volcanics). This background material will build your foundational knowledge in geology so that you will be prepared to engage in more advanced content as presented during the trip. 

Also, please know that the content of the trip can be altered for school or university groups who are interested in learning advanced concepts. 

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The website for ICELAND GEOLOGY TOURS will launch July 2019! Visit www.icelandgeologytours.com to see the trips available for Summer 2020 or email Dr. Tamie J. Jovanelly at info@geologyoficeland.com for more info.

Summer 2020 Tour Dates- Limited Space Available

Take an interpretive trip of Iceland with Dr. Jovanelly MAY 31-JUNE 12, 2020.  Visit our website by clicking "Find Out More" below. 

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